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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Solar Generator

There has been a high supply of solar generators a thing that poses challenges to many when it comes to choosing the best. Most people, however, need a solar generator to cater for blackouts possibilities. There are several tips that can help you find the best solar generator in the market.

You can be guaranteed of a reliable solar generator if you take careful considerations on its battery capacity. It will be wise to choose a solar generator with a strong battery capacity that will offer you long service. Ensure you select a solar generator that uses lithium-based batteries since they are light and more powerful. Lithium batteries are prone to damages due to fast charging, and therefore, the best solar generator to choose should have a charge rate that matches that of lithium batteries.

The bulkiness of a solar generator is a key factor you have to look at before selecting it. The heavier a solar generator is, the harder it is to move. Portability of a generator is crucial during emergencies and going for one that is not easily moveable will be frustrating. Some solar generators can be split into parts which will make it more portable while still maintaining all the relevant features.

The best solar generator should have a high charging speed. A slow charging solar means you will have to charge it for too long thereby inconveniencing your intended uses of the solar.

You need to look for a solar generator that can accommodate many batteries. You cannot be in a position to use appliances requiring high watts if your solar is not expandable.

The number of plugs supported by a solar generator will determine whether to choose it or not. You can use all your appliances at your convenience if you select a solar with many plugs. At times, you might need to use power strips on one plug which causes the fuse to trip.

You will be disappointed if you fail to put into account the inverter size of particular solar before selecting it. A solar with a large inverter size can handle heavy duty appliances.

It is limiting to go for a solar that does not have the option of a car charging. In case the weather is bad for a solar charging you can easily rely on car charging provided the solar you have has that option.

It is recommended that you choose a solar that uses lithium battery. Lithium batteries are known to produce more energy due to their light weight.

A solar cannot be termed as reliable if the company that designed it does not maintain customer services and does not offer a manufacturer warranty upon its sales.

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